Fraud Detection Solution: Focus Areas


  • Customer - View individual potential fraud and details
  • Transactional - Review, Score, Analyze & Optimize
  • Actor & Entity Relationships - View People, Accounts, Companies, Entities and relationships using Graph & Machine Learning
  • Geographic - Visualize related elements in a map view and geographic dimension
  • Planning & Analytics - Custom Scoring, Data visualization dashboards using Graph & Machine Learning  


Analyze & Predict

  • Risk Analysis- The ability to categorize, segment, filter and score risk factors with real time data with Graph & Machine Learning
  • Historical - Use historical data and previous outcomes to teach and learn patterns and predictive tendencies with Graph & Machine Learning
  • Predictive - After pattern, visualization, correlation and learned patterns create predictive outcomes and visualization for "Treasure Map" for "Correlations not seen before"

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graph technology

Graph Technology can revolutionize your current Fraud Detection efforts. Let us show you how we can infuse any system with Graph Visualizations.

data science & mL

Machine Learning is no longer  science fiction, but a real technology that can directly impact a business and its Fraud Detection efforts in real time.

rapid prototyping

Expero can take your ideas from white board to a fully working prototype in 3-5 weeks, and prove funding viability without breaking the bank.

Real-Time Predictive and Preventative Fraud Detection

Explore the possibilities and find your solution in our Gallery of visualizations and data models.

the art of the possible

Expero is partnered with some of the leading data technologists in the world. We solve complex problems that packaged software and canned solutions cannot. We will infuse your current technology with best of breed Graph and Machine Learning tools and techniques.

collaborative creativity

The Expero process is not accomplished in a vacuum, but instead in a collaborative joint delivery process.  Our INSIGHT methodology is Agile-based and designed for maximum output with minimal time. Our end goal is to create business changing applications that are not just visually attractive but drive revenue, cut costs, and decrease time to market.

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