Key Use Cases

  • Anti-Money Laundering - ML (AML)
  • Transaction and Credit Card
  • Cyber and Malware
  • Sanctions and Trade Compliance
  • Audit
  • Law Enforcement

Business Case For The Fraud Detection & Investigation Toolkit

Featured Value Points

  • Decrease false positives
  • Increase accuracy & outcomes
  • Visualize deep link patterns for regulatory audits and compliance
  • Real time alerts
  • AML & investigation elements
  • Cost of manually tracking and complexity
  • Department and team workflow

ML + Graph + Visualization Characteristics

  • Built-in graph analytics
  • Visualization - explainable ML/AI
  • No-code investigation
  • Pattern & community algorithms
  • Deep learning/Model interpretability

Functionality for Every User

Natural language processing is a powerful tool in building investigatory user interfaces for data exploration. See how conversation UI can be used to interrogate highly connected data to produce context driven data visualization and analytics.

Using the Fraud Detection & Investigation Toolkit Software, we can accelerate the steps it takes to detect fraud and analyze deep links and relationships faster, and more accurately.

Key Users

  • Executives/Management
  • Customer Reps
  • Investigators
  • Level 1 Analysts
  • Data and ML Practitioners
  • IT and Dev Ops

Adjudicators are able to access fast evaluation of fraud effects before paying a claim, transferring funds, shipping a product, and more.

Identify specific account owners via flagged actions and pinpoint the exact locations of 
fraudlent transactions.

Build geospatial queries to discover related transactions by setting a custom filter of properties.

Fraud analysts fighting against money laundering are able to isolate specific instances and compare aggregated risk details against a national median.

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