UI Design Patterns for Navigating Complex Data Sets (Online Seminar)
Expero Staff

Expero recently gave a online seminar on user interface design patterns for complex data sets. Now we’re sharing it here.

A design pattern, as we explained in our January 2015 blog post, is “a good, reusable solution for a common but specific interaction design problem.” In this online seminar, Lynn Pausic and I present design problems that are often seen in applications and sites with large or complex data sets. We also give 10 examples of patterns that can be used to solve those problems–things like how to set up a complex data table to view status at a glance, or when to employ column filtering so users see only what they choose to see.

In addition to practical advice on how to use these patterns, we review the history of patterns, discuss how to create a pattern library specific to your needs, and highlight the business benefits of pattern usage. Benefits include increases in development efficiency, user adoption, conversion and usability–all of which will make your stakeholders and your users happier.

So enjoy the online seminar, and let us know if you have comments.