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JanusGraph Online Meetup

Learn more about JanusGraph and its capabilities in this online meetup.

Session 1 - We Must Go Faster: Analytics with JanusGraph
During this session, we'll discuss the current state of analytical processing with JanusGraph, Apache TinkerPop, and Apache Spark and where some of the performance and interoperability pain points are. Then we will cover a number of approaches to work around some of the existing challenges and also offer up our own ideas on how things could be improved going forward.
Ryan Stauffer - Founder,
Ted Wilmes - Data Architect, Expero
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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Session 2 - NoSQL @ Target: The road to JanusGraph
This talk will be a presentation on NoSQL services offered to internal development teams at Target, focusing on the foundation for our graph database service.  We'll go through a high-level discussion on the original use case, followed by our implementation (JanusGraph on Cassandra and ElasticSearch) and deployment on our internal cloud.  We'll also cover some of the obstacles we encountered along the way, as well as how we moved past them, and details on how we implemented tools like a reporting layer and a visualizer.
Aaron Ploetz - Lead Engineer, Target
Becky Nelson - Software Engineer, Target
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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Session 3 - Entitlements & JanusGraph
Access to certain databases or corporate resources has historically been done using LDAP or other ACL based systems that tend to grant or deny access to resources by segmenting users into groups or roles that may or may not reflect accurately how access should managed in the real world. Moreover, some still insert some of the authorization and access business logic into source code in disparate systems - which more than likely is not appropriately distributed across all of the different accounting/marketing/procurement/research systems commonly found inside a company. Lastly, even if these rules are coded correctly in LDAP and software business logic, systems must be recompiled or rebuilt every time an access rule changes.

This talk will show how you can create a dynamic entitlement system with JanusGraph that is flexible enough to model fluid corporate access patterns and is also data driven such that it can reflect the most up to date business rules to grant or deny access at the exact time the requests are made.
Rick Paiste - Senior Architect, Expero
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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