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JanusGraph Online Meetup

Expressive Data Models with JanusGraph - High Performance JanusGraph Data Load

Session 1 - The State of JanusGraph 2019
During this session, we'll discuss the future of JanusGraph during 2019 and beyond.
Chris Hupman - Systems Engineer, IBM
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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Session 2 - Creating Expressive Graph Data Models with JanusGraph
We will walk through the process of iteratively building a data model, discuss some pitfalls to avoid, and check out how to improve the data model in a working database, without a full rebuild.
Ryan Stauffer - Enharmonic
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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Session 3 - A Gremlin DSL for JanusGraph Schema Management
During this talk, we'll discuss a potential approach for replacing the current JanusGraph schema management approach with a Gremlin DSL.
Jan Jansen - Developer, G DATA
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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Session 4 - The New ODPi - A Home for Vendor-neutral Big Data Open Source
The ODPi Egeria project was founded in 2018 with the goal of driving collaboration between vendors, end-users, solution providers, and developers.
John Mertic - Director of Project Management, The Linux Foundation
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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Session 5 - High Performance JanusGraph Data Loading
We will discuss common JanusGraph data loading pitfalls and provide a set of helpful tips and patterns to follow.
Ted Wilmes - Data Architect, Expero
(20 Mins + 10 Mins Q&A)

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