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How to Get Your Modernization Project Funded

Congratulations, you have identified what software products to modernize and you have identified what cloud technology you need to use for the upgrade! Now what? Join us to identify how to get your business case and modernization project funded. In today's corporate world, it is essential to be able to present a clear and concise business case and return on investment (ROI). This free online seminar will give you an easy to use playbook with detailed steps that assist your journey in creating a compelling business case with ROI examples to assist in getting your project funded. We'll also walk you through how to evaluate your current organization state and identify their business case for modernization. Allow us to provide insight on how to create a compelling business case ROI calculation, and a proven outline on how to effectively present this information to the stakeholders in your company. In this session we will cover a Modernization checklist to assist with executive buy-in with the following topics • Assess current state - monetize current situation • Assess future state - monetize value • Create a working ROI • Identify and assess stakeholder vision match • Identitfy competitive landscape • Compile and present

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