DataStax Edition: Optimizing Logistics & Supply-Chain with Graph
November 8, 2017

Increase delivery with real-time impact and transport analysis.

Learn how DataStax Graph Technology will improve delivery times, minimize transport risk through data analysis and increase product satisfaction. Use predictive analytics to reduce operational bottle necks and discover areas of concern affecting supply. Using DataStax Graph Technology allows you to increase customer satisfaction through visualization of supply and demand impacts. 

Don't be in the dark when the next natural disaster happens. Visualize your data with real-time supply-chain mapping powered by DataStax Graph Technology. 

What You'll Learn

  • Source management -- Optimization
  • Materials, transport, regulation/compliance and customer optimization
  • Issue Resolution and identification -- discuss ROI and time -- Value of supply, manufacturing, transport and end product satisfaction
  • Visualize Part impacts -- Timelines and event correlation.  View of customer journey and increasing customer satisfactions.
  • Dependencies and Workarounds - Identify how and where pinch points and concern areas exist with predictive analytics.
  • Scoring and Use of Algorithms - The ability to score and create usable information for executive dashboards from multiple sources.  Creation of scorecards and risk calculations for indicating to users what to spend time on and dive in deeper with.