Losing Customers Because of Old Software?

Is your software built on sunsetting technology like VB6, .NET, etc? Do you have low user satisfaction because of outdated software? Does it take too long to develop and roll out new features? Are you losing ground to solutions that offer mobile versions? Is it becoming difficult and expensive to maintain staff with legacy knowledge? Is your on-premise legacy infrastructure costly to maintain?

Updating a legacy application is a journey with many complex moving parts, however, determining if your software is worth modernizing and planning a path forward can be done relatively quickly. The key to successful software modernization (and squelching feelings of dread on the topic) is having a sound plan that addresses all aspects of modernizing an application from technology to business case to user experience. 

In this session of our client-server to cloud seminar series, we share proven methods for determining if modernizing makes sense for your application, a checklist of considerations, and a Lean process for creating a sound modernization strategy.

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