Expero Announces Partnership with Morningstar as a Premium Service Delivery Partner

We are delighted to be a partner with Morningstar as a Premium Service Delivery Partner.

Through this relationship, Expero will be helping Morningstar customers make best use of the wide range of data available to them from Morningstar.  Expero’s Connected Finance platform features a suite of capabilities and components that will allow institutions to upgrade their user experiences rapidly and affordably – whether for investment management, wealth management (advisor workflows) or client portals.

Key Elements of the Joint Proposition:

1. User-Centered Innovative Design: As a Premium Service Deliver Partner, Expero will work with joint customers to implement data and analytics into their internal and customer workflows.  Spanning a wide variety of API enabled content and portfolio analytics, these solutions will be heavily tailored to clients’ specific needs, enabled by Expero’s collaborative engagement process.

2. Faster Time to Market: Expero's Connected platform boasts pre-built, customizable components, accelerating market launch while offering a seamless, data-driven user experience that integrates effortlessly with larger systems.

3. Data Agnostic Flexibility: Capitalize on Expero's ability to handle various data types, including market data, research, as well as internal corporate content and data. This versatility enhances user workflows and liberates operations from vendor-specific constraints, enabling greater agility and cost-efficiency.

If you would like to know more, visit our Morningstar partner page to schedule a demo.

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