myHouseby’s goal is to give their customers the ability to design their dream house from scratch in a matter of minutes. New home construction is currently a long and stressful process, often taking months to go from initial interest to finalizing designs. myHouseby aims to not only make this process faster and easier with their application, but also to provide valuable resources to educate and empower users to navigate the new home construction process. Ultimately, the goal is to decrease the amount of time it takes to go from “I want a new house” to “I have a new house.”

The challenge

The goal of myHouseby is to become the definitive provider for new custom homes. Stakeholders wanted users to love the experience of discovering and customizing their new home but they challenged us to present the experience in a new way, not how users were used to searching for homes.

In order to do this, one of the challenges was avoiding common patterns and styles. This would disrupt this industry and allow myHouseby to truly stand out. Another challenge was the need for quick iteration and strong visual design early in the process to help stakeholders get on the same page.

Stakeholders also wanted us to design for consistent interactions across various modes and moments in the home discovery and customization process. Whether the user was looking at options in a 2D map or in 3D/Virtual Reality, they wanted similar visual clues and guidance for interaction. And these interactions needed to work on a large desktop setup or on a phone.

Our Solution

Expero delivered a streamlined design and user friendly application to make new home construction easier than it has ever been. The application allows users to do everything they need directly through the app, keeping all of the details and process in one place.

User Audience

  • Builders
  • Land Developers
  • First time home buyers
  • Casual users interested in dreaming and exploring
  • Anyone interested in new home construction

Services & Capabilities

  • Product discovery and user experience design
  • Extensive product owner and user interviews & design sessions
  • Front-End UI Development using the following frameworks/libraries:
  • Vue.js as main javascript framework (https://vuejs.org/)
  • TailwindCSS as the CSS framework (https://tailwindcss.com)
  • A-Frame framework for building the virtual reality experience (https://aframe.io/)
  • Glide.js for implementing the custom carousels (https://glidejs.com/)

Project Details

  • 6 weeks to design and user test, 6 months to V1.0, continuous improvement thereafter.
  • 3-6 person team.
  • Agile development and prototyping process.
  • Close collaboration between design, development, and product stakeholders throughout the design and prototyping process.
  • Product value validated through one on one user testing sessions, also informing key design and functionality.

Our Approach

We designed multiple visual options to test with users in order to identify the best way to present the myHouseby brand.

This project took a bit of a different approach from what most Expero projects look like in that it focused on a mobile first design, and the mobile experience set the tone for what the rest of the application would eventually become. Consistency in both aesthetics and interactions across mobile, tablet, desktop and VR experiences was also a key goal in this project. Users are able to customize their new home on their device of choice or in Virtual Reality, and creating a cohesive experience regardless regardless of the device being used was paramount.

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