Q: How do you do research for an online wellness program that spans the course of several weeks and measures changes to behavior over time?

In this instance, where the feedback you are looking for has much to do with the efficacy of a program over time, get feedback from people who have completed and who have failed to complete the behavior change program.

Conduct a survey to ask questions that help determine participants’ success. Were they able to change their behaviors? For how long have they maintained change? Compared to other programs they may have used, how useful was this program in helping them to change behaviors?

Then you can walk them through parts of the program in chronological order and ask them to think aloud as they review the steps, thinking back on their experiences.

Another approach is to ask participants to keep a diary to record their thoughts as they use the program. You can then review the data with them at the end. We’ve had varying levels of success with this, as the diary adds a burden to their regular schedules. However, if you come up with a good incentive for them to make diary entries, they can provide very rich information.

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