Ken Hawley

Since 2005, as part of a world-wide team, Ken has designed, developed, and integrated features of an Exploration and Modeling support system in the petroleum industry. Integrated sub-surface modeling, risking, geo-spatial and relational data management, and analysis using a web-based, multi-tier client server application structure.

Prior to 2005, Ken designed, developed, and integrated a reporting sub-system into a product for data-intensive management of property taxes. He also redesigned and developed an embedded error-proofing workstation N-tier system for automotive assembly using several different tools. Designed and developed a real-time quality test system with N-tier data collection for automotive engine assembly using Microsoft tools.

Ken has designed and developed multi-tier component-based systems for high-reliability applications, is an expert in the design and use of complex, multi-tier, distributed systems using ASP.NET, and has extensive experience in corporate, project, and product management as well as expertise in the architecture, design, and development of relational systems.