Karim Jamal
Sr. Software Developer

Karim enjoys problem solving, and thus, finding elegant solutions to complex problems is as much a hobby as a profession for him. He believes that simply solving the problem is not enough. Rather, it needs to be constructed and presented in a manner that is easily digestible and understood by those interested in it. Efficient architecture and intuitive user experience play a big part in his handbook.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He followed that up with his Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering degree, which he received from Carnegie Mellon University.

He has been in the software field professionally for well over a decade. He has worked in several industries, ranging from supply chain management systems for handheld warehouse devices, to scientific web applications for the oil and gas exploration sector, to modern and responsive web applications handling big data in the news arena. He has also helped to create and develop a comprehensive software framework at Microsoft for some of its applications.

Karim is at ease working at different levels of the software stack. He likes working on different technologies and strategizing the complex pieces that combine to produce a simple solution to an interesting problem.

Single page applications, responsive design, cutting edge technologies, and material design concepts are all skills in Karim’s arsenal.

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