Dan Sorak

Software Architect & Developer

Dan is a motivated and highly technical software project manager, architect and developer with many years of experience in software design and implementation, including management of agile teams, domain-driven design, and test-driven development.

An expert in several languages and technologies, including .NET, C#, Java, C++, Oracle, advanced networking, high-performance computing, virtual server environments, and web development, Dan has contributed to and managed teams of developers in a variety of complex application environments. Oilfield modeling and visualization, optical network design and control, hardware and software for video on demand, and GPS tracking and monitoring systems have all been successfully delivered over Dan’s many years as a manager, consultant and individual contributor.

Dan continually accepts challenges in our ever-evolving field with a passion for learning and building the next generation of software systems. He is also an avid XC, downhill and free-ride mountain biker and is always happy to go for a ride!

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