Blake Coffman

UX Design Lead

Blake is a graduate of Nicholls State University with a concentration in Graphic Design. Largely self-taught in the world of technology, Blake’s career has always centered on subjects of complexity.

As a graphic designer producing technical artwork for complex machinery, he started his career creating a desktop software-based publication platform to efficiently deliver product documentation via any electronic media to replace the back-breaking tomes once produced.

Realizing that he wasn’t satisfied with just how things looked but also how they worked, he soon started diversifying his skills as an interaction designer, information architect, front-end engineer and architect. His first Internet project was building a B2B e-commerce site to improve upon the unsatisfactory experiences known at the time. For more than a decade, Blake continued creating complex software in industries such as telecommunications, medicine and technology.

At Expero, Blake began diving into more challenging projects to deliver useful and innovative experiences using the latest in UX techniques, including responsive, mobile, multi-touch gesture (small to large screen) and interactive visualization. His clients typically build software based on systems relying on deep or big multidimensional data for domains such as energy, technology, enterprise management and others.

Other than enjoying his day job, Blake loves playing music professionally in southeast Louisiana, spending time with his family, renovating his bayou-side farmhouse and being curious about how things work.

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