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Solving Supply Chain Use Cases with TigerGraph, ML & Visualization

Solving Supply Chain Use Cases with TigerGraph, ML & Visualization

December 10, 2020 12:30 AM
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1:30 am

Supply Chains in today’s world have changed and morphed drastically in the last 24 months for manufacturers in all industries: High Tech, Pharma, Automotive, Retail, and others.  These events have created an even more compelling business case for real time systems and the need for predictive planning and analytics. The key use cases: production planning & scheduling, inventory management, lean manufacturing, asset & raw material optimization, and demand & capacity planning.  This is further complicated by the lack of full supply chain visibility and the need to ‘What If’ and accurately forecast at a detailed level for these use cases.   

The focus of this webinar is to identify how Machine Learning, Visualizations, and Graph technology can directly increase the accuracy and output of systems to drive revenue and cut costs and include 'Human in the Loop.' This event is designed in a 'Speed Dating' format, focusing on key topics in under 15 minutes in order to maximize the insights. During this online meetup, you'll learn from our TigerGraph & Expero experts how to unlock the potential in your organization. We will feature Expero technology lightning talks followed by a short Q&A.


- Key Challenges in Supply Chains : Illustrate why Visualizations, Machine Learning, and Graph still utilize 'Human in the Loop' for maximum accuracy and productivity

‍- Increase Accuracy & Forecasting by 10%: Utilize Machine Learning & Graph technology techniques with Graph and other platforms to increase more accurate and dependable outcomes 

- Actionable Visualization: Creation of deep link dependencies for explainable machine learning and predictive outputs for schedulers, planners and executives for more accurate and dependable outcomes

- Leverage TigerGraph, ML & Visualization: Practical examples of how to ‘Bolt On’ TigerGraph, ML & Visualization to rapidly cut costs & increase profit.  Break the spreadsheet cycle and leverage current infrastructure & ERP connections. 

- Creation of Real Time ‘What If’ for Preventive & Predictive Analytics:  The ability to create tools and visualizations for executive and planners to optimize in real time for: profit, time, truck  operators, fleet management, loads, cost | profit management, routes, weather, risk, and many others

- Explainable Machine Learning: Examples of how ‘human-in-the loop’ increases profit and throughput with practical uses and methods in conjunction with ML & visualization

What You'll Learn

  • Session 1 (12 min): Why ML & Graph combined with visualizations can be game changers for supply chain
  • Session 2 (12 min): Identify visualizations and human interaction: 'The art of the possible' (Demos) for real time planning and analytics systems - management, planning, and ML & data practitioner view
  • Session 3 (12 min): Details on how ML with other technologies can create real time options, optimize cost & revenue, increase accuracy, and move towards predictive forecasting and active scenario analysis
  • Session 4 (12 min): Tie together the different elements of ML, visualizations, and other technologies for a cohesive approach to transportation & logistics
  • Session 5 (5 min): Open Q&A
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December 10, 2020
12:30 am
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Solving Supply Chain Use Cases with TigerGraph, ML & Visualization
Dec 10, 2020 12:30 AM
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