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Some of our best friends are developers, but many would benefit from learning UX best practices.
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Building software for complex domains is hard to do well. Yet many organizations ask developers to wear more hats than the Queen of England. That includes the user experience (UX) hat. Developers often need to design the user interfaces they are implementing. In addition, developers must consider UX designs when making back-end technical decisions (e.g., regarding performance). Developers also rely on UX expertise and techniques to gain knowledge about the domain, users and user stories that the system must support.

In this course, we present UX best practices and techniques that will increase developers’ ability to perform high-quality UX work themselves and to collaborate with UX specialists using a common foundation and vocabulary.
LENGTH: 1 - 2 Days
FORMAT: Lecture with group exercises and Q&A
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“Expero’s training gave me a deeper understanding of UX best practices and tools and made me a better developer.”

Bill White, Sr. Software Developer, Planview
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