3-Day Course: Graph Data Accelerator
Unlock the potential in your graph data and build an ace graph team.
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Many data architects are well-accustomed to traditional database issues related to data storage, volumes and read/write tradeoffs. However, there are a lot of complex problems that are better served by non-traditional data storage models like graph databases. According to Gartner, “Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions after the design of data capture.” 

In this course, attendees will learn from Expero's graph experts how to properly model graph data to satisfy unique business needs and how to present the data to users so they can get the most value out of it.

This course can be customized for any length from a 1-5 day training session to a 4-week bootcamp.

Note: Attendees should be seasoned technologists with exposure to common relational database technologies and distributed system principles as well as common coding and scripting paradigms.
LENGTH: 1 - 5 Days (2- or 4-Week Bootcamp also available)
FORMAT: Lecture with group exercises and Q&A
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“Expero really showed us the value of content usability. Seeing the intersection of content and usability was eye-opening.”

Christian Rohrer, Ph.D.,
Director of User Experience Research, eBay

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Amazon Neptune is a new addition to the graph database marketplace - here’s a brief overview and initial impressions.

Opioid Fraud Detection Using Deep Embedding

One of Expero’s fraud detection techniques applied to the false prescription of opioids in clinical settings.

JanusGraph Nuts and Bolts Part 1: Write Performance

Explore your tuning options for increasing JanusGraph write throughput and lowering latencies.