Bootcamps for Graph Data or UX
Get intensive training while your team works on your real-world project.
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bootcamp OVERVIEW
In each of our Bootcamps for Graph Data or User Experience, Expero facilitates 2 or 4 weeks of hands-on learning while your team works on your actual project.

Each Bootcamp starts with Graph Data and/or UX training curriculum that we customize to your team’s needs. With best practices and techniques fresh in their minds, your team then applies the knowledge to project work, and we provide expert advice.

For Graph Data, for example, we could instruct your DBA team on how to get started with graph, then advise the team while they implement and manage DSE Graph for a working application.

For UX, for example, we could teach your UX designers and researchers how to create and manage a UI design pattern library, then provide feedback as the team actually builds the library.

Throughout our Bootcamps, Expero provides guidance and recommendations from people who have done it many times before. At the end, your team will have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, plus expert advice and a foundation for continued work.
LENGTH: 2 or 4 Weeks
FORMAT: Lecture plus expert guidance and feedback from Expero while your team works on your actual project
Intended AudienceS
For Graph Data:
For UX:
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“Expero really showed us the value of content usability. Seeing the intersection of content and usability was eye-opening.”

Christian Rohrer, Ph.D.,
Director of User Experience Research, eBay

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