a more natural way of interacting
Today, enterprise software users want their workplace software to be as easy and natural to use as the applications and sites they use in their personal lives. Touch interactions on tablets and smartphones often make easy and natural use possible. Data-rich, complex domains just got touchy.

To fill gaps in data-rich, complex domains, Expero is delivering user experiences via large, high-resolution touch screens, where users navigate with one or two hands by applying multiple touch points simultaneously (gesture chords). Multi-touch interaction provides a more natural way for users to engage that is highly efficient and more intuitive than traditional input methods such as a mouse or keyboard. If a radiologist user wants to rotate a 3D MRI, they simply touch their fingers to the screen in a natural position and rotate. No need to figure out how to hold down a series of keyboard commands and scroll a mouse-wheel at the same time.
Why Multi-touch works
Multi-touch gestures enable users to interact more naturally with large data sets.
Increase efficiency in thorough data exploration and expose missed opportunities and missed anomalies.
Decrease training costs as natural, instinctual interactions replace clumsy keyboard commands and mouse clicks.
Multi-touch lowers risk of Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RPS). RPS is a common problem for users of science and engineering programs that require repetitive keyboard or mouse movements.
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meet Our Multi-touch Experts
Experts on the team have years of experience creating multi-touch solutions from form factors as small as a phone to as large as a 4K display.
"You call Expero when you're not comfortable guessing."
Ryan Kennedy, CTO, Kickdrum Technologies