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Graph Technology Solution: Focus Areas



  • Supply Chain - We use a combination of deterministic data analytics and machine learning methodologies to eliminate the guesswork in tough calculations and plans.
  • Customer 360 - Using cutting edge research in deep matrix factorization techniques, we recommend products or services to your customers which will generate the greatest value for them and for your business
  • Fraud Detection - Using anomaly detection techniques like unsupervised learning algorithms, we recommend entities which are behaving atypically for further investigation.


  • Supply Chain - In large networks, using deterministic model computation speed is often too slow. We use machine learning representations of your fulfillment chain to make real time decisions.
  • Customer 360 - Automatically prescribe intervention options for intervening with distressed customers.
  • Fraud Detection - Detect fraudulent transactions and individual identity theft using deep learning based on transaction histories.

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graph technology

Graph Technology can revolutionize your current Fraud Detection efforts. Let us show you how we can infuse any system with Graph Visualizations.

data science & mL

Machine Learning is no longer  science fiction, but a real technology that can directly impact a business and its Fraud Detection efforts in real time.

rapid prototyping

Expero can take your ideas from white board to a fully working prototype in 3-5 weeks, and prove funding viability without breaking the bank.

the art of the possible

Expero is partnered with some of the leading data technologists in the world. We solve complex problems that packaged software and canned solutions cannot. We will infuse your current technology with best of breed Machine Learning tools and techniques.

collaborative creativity

The Expero process is not accomplished in a vacuum, but instead in a collaborative joint delivery process.  Our INSIGHT methodology is Agile-based and designed for maximum output with minimal time. Our end goal is to create business changing applications that are not just visually attractive but drive revenue, cut costs, and decrease time to market.

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