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Discover / design / develop / Measure
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Expero develops software exclusively for expert users: scientists, logistics planners, traders. We succeed not by being technology experts -- though we are -- but by quickly learning our clients’ domains and becoming true partners in their problem solving.

We punch above our weight, working with some of the biggest companies in the world on from the early stages of investigating an idea to realizing that vision in a POC or production release. Our established methodologies, experience and tools enable us to accelerate the timeline from idea to production in even the most complex domains.

Let’s talk about what ideas you’d like to bring to reality!
Validate (or invalidate) ideas quickly through rapid prototyping and user research techniques without the burdensome costs of development. Determine what should be built and how to unlock commercial or productivity value.
Our designs are driven by user research to ensure they are on target with domain expert user needs and business goals. Throughout our Agile UX process, we also work closely with development to ensure technical feasibility.
Choosing the right technology stack and implementing clean, testable code, moving smoothly between prototyping and research work to extensible production code.
Using our UX goal setting methodology and Insights Analytics Toolkit, concretely track and measure the success and use of your application in the field:

* How is your user adoption?
* Which features are actually used?
* Which user segments use the application most?
* How is application performance?
Troux (recently acquired by Planview) is a software solution that allows enterprise architects and business analysts to view, analyze and manage their technology portfolios. Through data input, management and analysis, users can understand not only how technologies are being used in an enterprise, but also how those technologies are connected with one another.

By employing Kanban and other Lean methods, Expero incrementally developed a compelling user experience for Insight. To expedite design prototyping, Expero incorporated UI design patterns that, for example, present help in context and enable users to explore results through interactive visualizations.
"Planview recently engaged Expero’s Architecture and Development team to help us plan and implement a solution architecture for one of our largest customers. The Expero team had a great sense of vision and delivered a first-class product that has been integral to our success."

Rob Reesor, Sr. VP of Engineering, Planview
Let's Build Something Great!

Saving Time & Money with Wireframes

Wireframing is valuable for fostering effective communication, clarifying and refining requirements, and guiding project development efforts.
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Designing and Developing Next-Generation Free-Text Search

On any given day, we perform numerous searches, many consciously and many without even realizing.
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