User Research

We are able to successfully create custom software for domain-expert users through our expertise in user and market research. Through the adoption of user research we are able to get inside the heads of end-users to help our clients achieve their business and technical goals.

Research-Driven Experiences

Expero uses a research-driven user experience approach to product design by utilizing 6 user research steps —problem definition; user goals; design solutions & test; iterate and refine solution; review and finalize; and deliver — we are enabled to quickly deliver custom software solutions to our clients.

Define the Problem

Identify major gaps or inefficiencies in current process, goal setting, and domain knowledge transfer

Zero in on User Goals

Persona workshops, user interviews, mental modeling, and ideation sessions

Design Solutions & Test

Story map results of ideation sessions, wireframes, user test scripts, user test scores, findings, & recommendations

Iterate/Refine Solution

Design wireframing and prototyping, user tests & findings outlining viability and recommended refinements

Review and Finalize

High-fidelity user interface concepts and supporting documentation


Provide new design

Looking for something more right out of the box?

Our proven Software may just be the solution. We’ve been hard at work developing stand-alone technology.

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