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Our TRAINING Approach
Expero delivers world-class customized training based on research and our own real stories from the trenches. Our instructional approach often incorporates lecture, interactive discussion and hands-on exercises focused on coding, designing or strategizing. Our courses are delivered at our customers' sites, Expero conferences, other public conferences, and online. Course curriculum and conference talks are developed and customized to meet the needs of the audience, whether it's executives learning how a new technology can change their business or a UX designer learning how to apply design thinking.
We have taught a lot of practitioners and executives since 2001.
Our training has helped to transform leading companies all over the world.
our Experience
Our instructors and speakers are seasoned technology, UX and product experts with many years of experience working in software development and consulting. We love to share our knowledge through publishing on our blog and elsewhere, speaking at conferences, and training others on best practices and techniques. Many of our instructors have presented at Nielsen Norman Group UX conferences, Data Day, Graph Day and other conferences.
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Jan 25, 2019
Austin, Texas
Jan 26, 2019
Austin, Texas
May 21, 2019
National Harbor, Maryland
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