Bring clarity to your manufacturing supply chain

Gain visibility, insight and intelligence into the flow of material through critical manufacturing value streams

Why It Works

Expero Material Flow Management unifies material flow data from diverse systems into a clear, holistic, easy to understand view. Once you gain visibility, Expero empowers your production staff to proactively attack potential material bottlenecks and waste.Track continuous improvement through key metrics such as cycle, lead time and inventory balancing.
Monitor Historical, Current and Forecasted Key Metrics, Actuals and Planned:
  • Work in progress
  • Inventory  levels
  • Delay risks
  • Production bottlenecks
  • Projected vs actual lead time
  • Cycle time

What It Does

Unified View of Value Streams
  • Visualize the current state of material flow through manufacturing value streams
  • Set future state targets to guide continuous improvement
  • Natural language support allows for complex queries expressed in easy-to-understand syntax
Collaborative, Custom Insights
  • Build custom what-if scenarios
  • Easily capture and share analytics to demonstrate improvements and alternative strategies
Data Analytics Pipeline
  • Establish continuous data  pipeline for key metrics
  • Operationalize active learning forecasting and risk detection algorithms
  • Integrate with existing ERP and ordering systems to weave data into a unified picture
Common pain points and how the platform address them:
  • Problem: Schedule And Actuals Out Of Sync
    Production schedules are often disconnected from actual downstream production needs. As a result, overproduction generates unnecessary WIP and drives poor material footprint utilization.

    Solution: Unified Data For Direct Analysis
    Heterogeneous data is modelled as a connected reflection of the material flow and resourcing ecosystem. Plan, order and production data can be overlayed and analysed using the topological relationships inherent to value stream flow.
  • Problem: Lack Of Visibility To Uncover Root Cause Patterns
    Inability to gauge overall material flow performance health and to see patterns of behavior and potentially significant correlated dependencies to identify opportunities for improvement.

    Solution: Leverage Graph To Reveal Upstream and Downstream Issues and Risk
    Connected data enables data traversal not possible in relational systems. This reveals the entire lineage of predecessor and successor distributed risk and delinquency, making root cause analysis straightforward.
  • Problem: Inability To Alter Plans In Advance
    Inability to alter plans in advance based on material availability and supplier priority of completing needed material (early visibility of delinquencies).

    Solution: Multiple What-If Scenario Comparisons
    Use graph to clone and test alternative paths, visualizing compounding downstream effects easily and intuitively. This can be implied for historical, current or future scenario comparison.

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