Proactively plan for supply chain capacity constraints

Allocate the right resources at the right time to rapidly adapt to dynamic supply and demand

Why It Works

Expero Capacity Planning unifies projected resource capacity, demand and supply data from diverse systems into a clear, holistic, easy to understand view. Once you gain visibility
  • Analyze projected supply vs demand status visually across supply chain phases.
  • Examine how a plan evolves over time, modelling trends for specific time horizons
  • Model planning scenarios to anticipate downstream effects of potential changes
  • Pivot between resources, inventory, bill-of-materials and orders to see meaningful dependencies and intersections in plans
Monitor Historical, Current and Forecasted Key Metrics, Actuals and Planned:
  • Projected lost sales
  • Inventory level imbalance
  • Resource utilization imbalance
  • Inventory days of supply
  • Order fulfillment cycle time

What It Does

Unified View of Inventory Levels and Resource Capacity (Planned and Actual)
  • Visualize the historical, current and planned inventory demand vs. supply
  • Visualize historical, current and planned resource utilization levels
  • Natural language support allows for complex queries expressed in easy-to-understand syntax
Collaborative, Custom Insights
  • Build custom what-if scenarios
  • Easily capture and share analytics to demonstrate improvements and alternative strategies
Data Analytics Pipeline
  • Establish continuous data ¬†pipeline for key metrics
  • Operationalize active learning forecasting and risk detection algorithms
  • Integrate with existing ERP and ordering systems to weave data into a unified picture

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