Product Discovery 
What can we accelerate for you?
Maybe you’ve got a disruptive technology or product idea that’s going to change the way your users work—for the better. Or maybe your R&D team has been trapped in a loop with brilliant ideas but no tangible path forward.You need to devise a strategy and get your target users on board. 

We’ll work with the team to conceptualize the research and get your ideas off the drawing board and into a product that will reach well beyond the boardroom.
Using our proven assessment methodology, we can quickly evaluate what to keep, migrate or replace. Assessments can be used to inform your modernization strategy.
We'll help hone your user audience, requirements and effective measures for your product:
* Domain Expert Audience Segmentation & Personas
* Contextual Research
* UX Goals & Metrics 
Validate (or invalidate) ideas quickly through rapid prototyping and user research techniques without the burdensome costs of development. Determine what should be built and how to unlock commercial or productivity value.
* Experience & Explore Complex Data
* Investigate a Technology Candidates
* Validate User Experience Direction
Strategy for key aspects of products that are often overlooked:
* User Adoption & Engagement
* User Experience & success metrics
* Measuring Business Impact
Troux Insight is a software solution that allows enterprise architects and business analysts to view, analyze and manage their technology portfolios. Through data input, management and analysis, users can understand not only how technologies are being used in an enterprise, but also how those technologies are connected with one another.

By employing Kanban and other Lean methods, Expero incrementally designed a compelling user experience for Insight. To expedite design prototyping, Expero incorporated UI design patterns that, for example, present help in context and enable users to explore results through interactive visualizations.
"We asked Expero to roll out major revisions to personalized reports targeted to new markets, all on a very tight timeframe. Expero delivered. Not only did their prototypes look polished, but they also worked within and around our legacy systems to move our business forward."

Don McGee, Director of Technology, Flippen Group
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