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When you’re managing complex geospatial simulations or creating hybrid web and high-performance computing systems for multi-terabyte oil and gas exploration data, you need architects who speak your language, understand your problems and build to scale. Expero has experience with the low latencies, high data volumes and attention to correctness and detail required for scientific computing. Our experts turn ideas too big for off-the-shelf software into web-deployed tools unique to your needs. 
We architect enterprise grade systems often requiring massive scale and split second performance (think interacting with 400 terabytes in a browser real-time).
You need to change or modernize your stack, but it will take months to close skills gaps in your existing development team. We can help you move to new technology fast, 
Modeling your data in a graph database and visualizing it can bring game changing insights to your business.
Start to finish software development life cycle - Agile Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall and all the flavors in between
success story:
A distributed high-performance compute and rendering system in a browser
New seismic acquisition techniques are resulting in very large datasets that can be enlightening only if they can be successfully processed. Existing software was workstation based, unable to scale to terabyte-scale data. Potential billion barrel insights were left to cumbersome batch processing, with month-long timeframes and report-based workflows hostile to intuitive insight.

TERABYTES IN A BROWSER - The product is intended for expert users who are accustomed to dynamically interacting with terabytes of seismic data on their workstations. Delivering the same type of seamless experience on the web poses serious architectural challenges.

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"Planview recently engaged Expero’s Architecture and Development team to help us plan and implement a solution architecture for one of our largest customers. The Expero team had a great sense of vision and delivered a first-class product that has been integral to our success."

Rob Reesor, Sr. VP of Engineering, Planview
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