IS AN Ugly, unscalable Legacy APPLICATION INHIBITING your GOALS?
We can help you modernize
Modernizing a legacy software application can be a major quagmire. There are many moving parts technologies from which to choose.

Many firms focus on updating or migrating a particular aspect of an application like the UI or migrating data. Our multi-disciplinary team can modernize your full stack and advise on the best environment for the new, modern version of your application.

Rest assured that if you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. Common questions we often answer:
* What is the right balance of legacy technology solutions?
* How do we integrate our legacy systems in a cost-effective way with newer technology?
* At what juncture should we overhaul existing legacy systems?
* What will legacy integration do to my overall costs for a project build?
* What is a UI framework and which one should I use?
Using our proven assessment methodology, we can quickly evaluate what to keep, migrate or replace. Assessments can be used to inform your modernization strategy.
Many elements need to be considered to wisely invest and take advantage of new technologies. Do you have a clear modernization plan for all of these?

* Legacy Business Goals & Success Metrics
* User Experience
* Technology & Data
* Operations & Environment
* Skills Modernization
Our multi-disciplinary teams are highly experienced in legacy and modern technologies. We can fully design, develop and architect a new, modern version of your software or plug the gaps in your existing team.
We offer technology bootcamps to kick-start team knowledge and close skills gaps. If we're designing and developing your software, we offer pair programming to accelerate team ramp-up time.
While a dated looking application can be problematic... even riskier is the perception that the core value proposition is outdated as well, such as your science, data, logic, services, etc.

* underlying libraries out of support (e.g., VBScript, VB6, ArcIMS)
* hard to staff developers (rare skillsets)
* bad user experience due to outdated paradigms
* bad perception due to convention changes (e.g., Windows 95 UI)
* bad user experience due to piecemeal growth
* sudden change in personas or company direction
“By leveraging Expero’s UX and development expertise with our market-leading financial services platform, we were able to deliver to one of our leading fixed-income customers something truly innovative that has never been done before in the marketplace.”

Tyler Moeller, CEO, Broadway Technology
Modernization Case Study
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