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Assistance at any Stage in your ML Project

Expero’s data team is deeply experienced in the use and applications of TensorFlow. Our team can assist at any stage in your machine learning project from the basics of data loading to modeling, deep learning architectures, and exporting your computation graphs for deployment and production.

Common Problems we Tackle

We can offer a time-hardened opinion about TensorFlow’s best uses and worst pitfalls. We’ve written TensorFlow solutions to the following problems:

Generative systems

  • Text generation
  • Image generation
  • Signal denoising
  • Domain transfer
  • Images: night -> day, summer -> winter,
  • Language: dismissive -> uplifting, technical -> layperson
  • Area of interest highlighting

Image processing algos

  • Denoising
  • Super resolution
  • Local energy content
  • Wave propagation
  • High dimensional imaging
  • Object detection
  • Area of interest highlighting

NLP operators

  • Sentiment scoring
  • Satisfaction analysis
  • Predictive modeling (what comes next in a sentence/string/temporal series)

Risk scoring

  • Relationships to known entities
  • Prediction of risk with respect to time
  • Market analysis

Anomaly detectors

  • Holistic similarity/dissimilarity measures
  • Big data outlier detection
  • Cohort membership calculation
  • Data-driven treasure mapping

Our ML Solutions are Deployed Across a Variety of Industries

  • Financial modeling
  • Predictive maintenance on industrial equipment
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Fraud prevention
  • Supply chain optimization
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