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DataStax Edition: Using Graph Technology to Detect & Prevent Fraud

Learn how DataStax Graph Technology can help to identify risk and fraud patterns in order to quickly respond. Many new fraud rings use sophisticated measures for credit card and other methods of fraud. Utilizing DataStax Graph Technology will allow you to see beyond individual data points and uncover difficult-to-detect patterns. Join us to learn how to maximize time and resources with Graph Technology vs. traditional relational database platforms. If there are new ways to commit fraud these days, shouldn't your company have new ways to prevent it? What You'll Learn Detection and anomaly identification - discuss ROI and time: the value of early detection.Progressive Disclosure - The ability to drill in as items are presented as requiring interaction. Create the ability to allow large data viewing without overwhelming users with millions of data points.Scoring and use of algorithms - The ability to score and create usable information from multiple sources. Creation of scorecards and risk calculations for indicating to users what to spend time on and look at more closely.Visual representation of risks, anomalies, hot spots and heat maps and need for human interaction. Creation of easy to identify visual screens and dashboards for key decision makers that allows for real time diagnostics.

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