What can we accelerate for you?
We are an elite team of problem solvers with decades of experience with large data, domain expert users, cloud-based architecture and scalable user experience. Our established methodologies and tools enable us to accelerate the timeline from idea to production in even the most complex domains.
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Complex real-world problems solved beautifully with Graph Databases.

AI for Graph Data | Graph Gallery
Modernizing a Legacy Java Application for Compensation Management
Moving the Iconixx compensation management tool to the cloud, with end-users in mind.
We solve hard problems In Complex Domains
How Can we Help You?
Reduce costs. Drive adoption. Exceed the boundaries.

We'll work with you to:
  • Validate your product with end-users before spending valuable dollars and hours building or rebuilding.
  • Define an achievable product roadmap that your users can’t resist.
  • Solve your technical problems at scale for long-term product relevance and viability.
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Business Leader
Manage a shifting market. Mitigate adoption risk. Lead the industry.

We'll work with you to:
  • Assess risk and opportunity at the feature level to prioritize and strategize.
  • Align your business needs to your users’ needs so everyone is satisfied.
  • Modernize your legacy apps so they’ll sustain themselves for the long term.
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Plan with us
Innovate. Think big. Productize your research.

We'll work with you to:
  • Identify what’s most valuable to your target customers and users.
  • Validate and advance your concept through rapid prototyping before going to market.
  • Translate the language of statisticians and mathematicians into the language of your end-users.
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Technical LEADER
Drive efficiency. Maintain security. Solve problems at scale.

We'll work with you to:
  • Turn ideas too big for off-the-shelf software into web-deployed tools unique to your needs.
  • Reduce downstream risk by vetting critical components early.
  • Scale your system so efficiency increases while costs decrease.
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Our solutions drive business at some of the world's largest companies.
“Of course the designs have to look good (and they do!), but they also have to work. Expero gets both the form and the function right.”

Susan Nayak 
Director of Web Development
Renesas Electronics
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