ML 101 - Intro to Machine Learning
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ML 101 - Intro to Machine Learning
0:04:35 - Section 1: Introduction to Property Graphs
Apache TinkerPop, Gremlin Console, traversals vs. graphs, elements of a property graph: vertex, edge, property. Iterating results.

0:53:23 - Section 2: Basic Traversals - Finding, Filtering & Projecting
Finding vertices, finding edges, returning property values. Traversing the graph. Filtering using predicates and the where(), is() and has() steps.

2:16:35 - Section 3: Mutating the Graph - Adding, Changing & Deleting Data
Graph API vs. the Traversal API. Adding vertices, edges, properties. Editing properties. Removing properties, edges, vertices. Dropping a graph.

3:14:51 - Section 4: Common Transformations - Grouping, Ordering & Aggregations
Review projections. Simple grouping examples. Ordering results by a property value. Aggregations.

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