Combat the Curve Game
Do your children or friends understand the severity of not practicing safe social distancing? Do they understand how fast Covid-19 can spread? Playing this game will help them understand the consequences of not social distancing and the likely calamities which follow.
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What it Does

This is a strategy game where the player needs to apply protection measures to reduce the propagation of coronavirus. The game happens as follows: 

  • The main board shows a simulation of people moving around, getting infected by the virus when touching others, and a curve with the evolution of the infection rate.
  • The player can choose what measure to apply at a given time, among some available action cards: “stay at home”, “wear a mask” or “social distance”.
  • The goal of the game is to “flatten the curve” and we have 14 (simulated) days to do it. Players win the game if they manage to keep the curve under the health system capacity; otherwise they lose.

Why It's Important

People are still not aware of the importance of staying home and the implications of going out. With this game, we aim to help users understand how to stay safe while social distancing. Our goal is to show the impact of our actions on the propagation of the virus and how the so-called “curve” gets flattened.

User Audience

  • The general public.
  • People that wants to better understand what’s the “curve” and what means to flatten it.
  • Those that would like to see the effect of different protection measures on a population.
  • For children, we could configure the game to hide the number of deaths.

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