BackTrack is a low friction, opt-in model allowing our citizenry to keep track of their interactions over time such that they may be used later for contact tracing if needed.  Proper social distancing and adherence to public health directives can save lives and shorten the duration of this crisis.
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What it Does

Initial features:

  • A low friction, opt-in model to allow folks to keep track of their interactions over time such that they may be used later for contact tracing if needed
  • Ability to export you historical interactions for alerting your contacts and public health personnel should it become necessary

Expected future features include:

  • Scan code generation for automatic capture of your contacts
  • Integration with broader public datasets and public health systems.
  • Integration with notification systems
  • A what-if scenario planner to convince any nay-sayers about the importance of social distancing and the implications of their actions.

Why it's Important

Public officials and scientists have implored us to take social responsibility for our family, friends and neighbors in an effort to mitigate the bell curve of infection that causes COVID-19. To do this, they have strongly advised a strategy of social distancing and self-isolation as key to saving thousands of lives. Moreover, if a COVID-19 test result is positive, it is critical to notify - as quickly as possible - those who might have been exposed. Without this response, as a community, we risk strained healthcare availability, a disruption of life for many, not to mention the possibility of losing loved ones. There are still many demographics who disregard warnings despite the looming surge of positive cases. It will take a grass-roots effort to effect change to this curve.

User Audience

  • Human beings on planet earth!
  • Those that are curious about the implications or small human-to-human interactions that may violate the requested social distancing mandates and who need help keeping track of them over time


  • React web application and/or mobile app
  • DBaaS services provided by TigerGraph

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