Scalable, Modern and Reactive Solutions for FinTech
Fintech Challenges 

Modernizing legacy technology is one of the many challenges facing Fintech today. While legacy systems still get the job done, the total cost of ownership is increasing. More difficult is finding individuals with the skills to maintain these systems. While modernizing can be attractive, it brings challenges as well. Some key considerations:
  • For transactions where seconds matter modern, cloud-based systems need to be every bit as performant as their legacy client-server counterparts making architecture and UI to support these dynamic experiences is key.
  • What is the right balance of legacy technology solutions?
  • At what juncture should we overhaul existing legacy systems?
  • What will legacy integration do to my overall costs for a project build?
“By leveraging Expero’s UX and development expertise with our market-leading financial services platform, we were able to deliver to one of our leading fixed-income customers something truly innovative that has never been done before in the marketplace.”
Tyler Moeller, CEO, Broadway Technology
success story
A modernized and more intuitive experience for finance experts creating, planning and managing variable pay. 
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