Solutions that Scale
Common Challenging Scenarios
  • “Crucial relationship data -- customers, partners, product usage -- is duplicated between siloed products. We literally don’t know who our customers are sometimes”
  • “How do we build an ecosystem around our software to offset the cost of constructing it and drive competitive advantage?”
  • “Thousands of supply chain planners spend half their time just finding the data they need to evaluate the impact of their decisions”
“Expero has been a crucial partner in transforming the way we think about user experience and information design. Their hands-on user research coupled with tight integration with our product team has yielded quick results. By partnering with Expero early on, they have truly changed the way we deliver our Troux product.”
Gary Brown, Director of Product Development, Planview
performance tuning & UX for application lifecycle management
* Architecture performance assessment & tuning
* Data modeling and refinement
* UX Design & User Research
Event-driven architecture with real-time data insights.
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