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Common Biotech Challenges & Scenarios
  • Expert users like Bioinformaticians need specialized AI and other intelligent tools to unite disparate data and relationships between experiments over long periods of time.
  • Scientists like many domain expert users need to dynamically interact with very large scientific data sets on the web - think genome browsers
  • Often there are misconceptions about the skill sets of scientific users. For example, in the case study below, it was assumed that scientists were knowledgable about programming languages. They weren't. This made for a very inefficient process requiring users to seek technical support to run a lab experiment.
“The team at Expero worked with us through implementation and user testing to hone the overall user experience, and customer response has been outstanding. I'm grateful for Expero's expertise in making our vision come alive.”
Chris Mueller, Ph.D., President & CTO, Lab7 Systems, Inc.
Improving lab operations for genetic sequencing.
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