Massive data sets at interactive speed
Common Client Challenges 
  • Supporting legacy code is always challenging, particularly when introducing new features or products.
  • Getting PHD-written code to run faster and be maintainable can be frustrating. Making sure your code is scalable is a key component to high-performance computing.
  • Domain expert users like researchers and scientists are high risk when it comes to adopting new technology. If they believe their spreadsheets or algorithms are better your product is toast. Identify lead users early on for successful adoption.
  • Measuring direct impact of your HPC product in a larger scientific or business process can be difficult. Consider unique outcomes or "finger print" your technology generates that could tie it to P&L.
"We have very complex data. Expero helped revamp our data visualizations--standardizing the schemes and artifacts and scaled out several new analysis algorithms with quality execution. Expero took a prototype and helped develop it as an addition to our service offering that produces consistent results."
Chris White, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Flippen Group
A distributed high-performance compute and rendering system in a browser.
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