Transportation and Infrastructure Analysis

  • Private and public transportation traffic analysis
  • Transportation insurance - vehicle and route scoring
  • Road risk and segmentation scoring
  • Transportation network optimization and forecasting

Model Interpretability and Visibility

Expero’s solutions in the transportation engineering and analysis domain focus on one thing: optimizing efficiency. We’ve designed and developed data storage, ETL processes, analytics algorithms, machine learning solutions, and front end visualizations to solve the most intricate infrastructural problems. From adaptive routing algorithms to ad-hoc data discovery tools, we’ve got you covered.

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network traffic analysis

Uncover insights in real time

  • Discover anomalies in your transportation network
  • Drill in on root causes of delays and anomalies
  • Sort paths and regions by congestion or flow
  • Group network subregions by similar traffic behavior

adaptive fleet routing

Optimally, adaptively route traffic across a transportation network

  • Dynamic routing of entire fleets in real time using machine learning systems
  • Automated rerouting under internal network events like train derailment
  • Automated rerouting under external network events like limited flight visibility
  • Optimally route for various characteristics like maximizing revenue miles driven, or minimizing equipment repair costs

intelligent infrastructure optimization

Recommendations for increased network utilization

  • Recommendations on where to lay new rail
  • Suggestions of which flight plans to remove from operation
  • Optimal location placement of new shipping hubs
  • Truck location point plan generation

network load forecasting

Real time or one time forecasts of upcoming network utilization

  • Regionally segmented predictions of network load
  • Customer demand forecasting integrated with network flow analysis
  • “What-if” scenario modeling under permutations in network structure or flow rates

quantitative risk scoring

Real time transportation neighborhood or segment scoring

  • Local evaluation of network structure to determine risk
  • Scoring users of particular transportation regions or segments
  • Local network behavioral analysis

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