Productize Your Machine Learning Workflow

  • Deployment of machine learning systems
  • Data pipeline design and build
  • Cloud and on-prem architectures
  • Managed services and custom infrastructure

Model Interpretability and Visibility

It’s easy to build a machine learning model; it’s not so easy to deliver that model to your users in a reproducible, abstracted environment. It takes more than data science expertise to enable productionized machine learning in your org. Expero can help! We build systems for customers to productionize data pipelines and ML models from experimentation, to training and inference, through delivery to users, and back through the model staleness/update cycle.

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Productionized Model Deployment

Models: From Sandbox to Users

  • Production pipelines for models from experimentation into scalable, productionized code
  • Serialization and archival of models for production roll-backs and reproducibility
  • Containerized and/or microservice-based architectures for scalability and abstraction
  • Connect batch training time and streaming inference time models to same data source to mitigate training/serving skew

Scalable Data Pipelines

Unifying Data Science and Data Engineering

  • Batch and streaming data pipeline architectures to enable fully-scalable data products
  • Message queueing through just-in-time ETL and data warehousing infra
  • Aggregated batch data structures and offline massive data processing
  • Serialization of data pipelines for fully reproducible and production versionable pipelines

Cloud and On-Prem

Compliant, Extensible Architectures

  • On-Prem, full-cloud, and hybrid data pipeline, processing, and modeling solutions
  • Combination burstable architectures for flexible data loads
  • Intelligent pricing forecast and vendor selection processes to maintain data compliance and minimize operating expenses

Custom vs. Managed Infrastructure

Hands On or Hands Off

  • Fully custom solutions, fully managed solutions, or somewhere in between
  • Data pipelines, model building and deployment, data exploration and analytics, business intelligence
  • Managed solutions from data collection through data cleaning, data processing, model building, deployment, and integration

Machine Learning Demo Gallery

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