Moving Compensation Management to the Cloud
modernizing a Legacy JAVA APPlication 
Iconixx is a leader in the variable compensation management space (e.g., sales commissions, incentives, bonuses). Their technology is driven by a powerful compensation management engine capable of calculating millions of transactions at lightening speeds.

The legacy code base and user experience however, once cutting edge had become dated. They were concerned that the dated look and lack of mobile options could make them vulnerable.

Iconixx User Audience:
- HR Operations
- Finance Mgt
- VP Sales
- Sales Reps
- Internal SMEs / Field Engineers
a ux as powerful as the Iconixx engine
  • Sales compensation plans can be quite complex with rules, data relationships and formulas that all need to be modeled. Typically requiring assistance from field engineers to create theses complex models. 
  • As part of moving to the cloud, we created a new user experience that put the power of the Iconixx engine in the hands of domain expert users while simplifying complex data modeling and rule building tasks
  • In order to ensure user adoption, the new UX was driven by user input and feedback. Lean user testing methods were used to engage with users throughout the project.
With Expero's help, we were able to identify must-have requirements and implement an iterative user-centered design process for the long term.
Brian Thompson, VP Product, Iconixx 
an ecstatic Customer 
& Happy Users
Iconixx and their customers have been ecstatic with the results. When users saw early wireframes and prototypes their reaction was "Iconixx - you get it!" The UX design and user research work done by Expero continues to inform product requirements and roadmaps.
User research and design done by Expero continues to inform product strategy, requirements and roadmaps.
" Expero has deep experience in UX design and research techniques that really complement our organization."

Brian Thompson, VP Product, Iconixx Corp.