L7 Informatics

An all-in-one solution for lab process management.
“Expero has partnered with us to envision and implement new products and key improvements to existing products that have both delighted our users and set us apart as innovators in the industry.”
Vasu Rangadass
President & CEO, L7 Informatics


Lab management software is typically unintuitive, stubbornly inflexible, and difficult to apply to existing lab processes without making extensive changes. We worked with L7 to deliver an all-in-one solution that can be customized for any lab, from research and diagnostics to clinical testing and analysis. Our solution needed to support use cases as diverse as researching ways to improve crop resilience, testing methods of strengthening the human immune system to naturally fight diseases, developing cures for cancer, and processing COVID-19 tests quickly and effectively.


Expero partnered with L7 Informatics to design and implement their Enterprise Science Platform solution (ESP) from the ground up. This solution is flexible enough for small and large labs alike to leverage for their needs and can be customized and added to quickly as new features and functionality are required.

Easily build complex process workflows and create conditional transitions between steps. ESP’s flexibility allows it to easily scale for use in any lab, large or small.

Schedule and assign resources to specific processes based on duration and date. Users can also create dependencies and require specific resource interaction for individual events.

Monitor sample details and track usage, history, location and more through ESP’s comprehensive sample management and barcode system.

Business case

L7 Informatics specializes in creating software for lab technicians and scientists to manage and visualize their lab processes more efficiently and seamlessly. With a suite of apps to cater to many kinds of laboratory needs and objectives, L7 aims to grow as a company by enabling labs of all sizes and specialities to more effectively manage their workload. They want their product to be flexible and versatile enough to function as the all in one solution for any lab.


L7’s ESP platform is constantly improving and expanding with new apps and features.

The L7 Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) enables users to manage complex multi step workflows and lab processes, track sample changelogs and physical sample storage locations, forecast personnel workload, manage lab equipment and inventory supplies, and monitor lab environmental conditions for FDA compliance purposes. By offering this functionality in a suite of apps, L7 can enable its customers to only pay for what they need while also quickly rolling out new features and apps independently from the rest of the suite.

user audience

  • Scientists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Lab Development Teams


  • Product discovery
  • User Experience design
  • Front-End UI Development
  • User testing and validation

project details

  • 2-4 person team
  • Multi-year staff augmentation
  • Agile UX & development process
  • Conducted multiple user interviews and feedback sessions for validating requirements and identifying key opportunities for improvement
  • Close collaboration between key stakeholders, design team, and development team


  • Vue.js
  • AgGrid
  • Cytoscape.js
  • Syncfusion
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL