Customer 360 Innovations
visualizing disparate pieces of customer data
Tracking customer behavior, purchases, support interactions, billing, etc. across multiple siloed systems is challenging. Further, the enormous data sets generated by aggregating this information, while powerful, are difficult to utilize.
Potential Value & Outcomes
  • Identify user behavior trends and purchasing patterns.
  • Correlate sales data to customer types and product categories.
  • Social media posts and comments that create a complete picture of customer preferences and sentiments
  • Identify elite, key customers.
“How can we utilize customer data from many sources to drive behavior?”
Online Retail
Within their aggregated customer data, user behavior trends were identified regarding purchasing decisions by key, elite user audiences requiring further examination. User research was conducted to understand these trends. Outcomes informed changes to the customer experience resulting in double digit uplift on cross-selling opportunities.
Entertainment & Hospitality
One company created and verified a novel and complex customer behavior model in a matter of weeks employing a graph database that had eluded their team for months using SQL and a traditional data warehouse.
Communications Major
An intelligent application was developed for marketers to visualize geospatial and behavioral data aggregated from smartphones to determine the best use of content delivery and advertising across multiple media by time of day.