Lab 7 Systems
Improving lab technology for genetic sequencing
accelerating scientific discovery
Lab7’s Enterprise Sequencing Platform enables bioinformaticians and scientists to efficiently manage and track status of lab experiments without coding or specialized training, empowering them to complete projects without help from others. This accelerates scientific discovery, clinical diagnosis and patient treatment.

Early on, Lab7 realized that user adoption was vital to the success of their new platform. They approached Expero to help envision a simpler interface for users with little experience or interest in coding.
Dynamic experiment design on the web
  • DYNAMIC EXPERIENCE - Users wanted a straightforward, but highly interactive experience for designing their experiment pipelines on the web.
  • SLICING THROUGH THE DATA - Running a full experiment is lengthy and generates large amounts of data. To use compute resources more efficiently, users required custom visualization tools to quickly assess outcomes from each stage and determine if an experiment should continue.
  • UX DUALITY - The majority of users wanted to be able to quickly create pipelines without coding. However the work of a small segment of advanced users also needed to be supported within the same UI.  
"The team at Expero worked with us through implementation and user testing to hone the overall user experience, and customer response has been outstanding. I'm grateful for Expero's expertise in making our vision come alive."

Chris Mueller, Ph.D., President Lab7 Systems, Inc.
Now users spend time on science not coding
Expero designed an experience that enables a variety of users to configure experiment workflows via drag and drop, track experiment progress using a pipeline dashboard, and access experiment outcomes in real time. Expert technicians can still code experiments within the interface or through a command line.
I'm grateful for Expero's expertise in making our vision come alive.

Chris Mueller, Ph.D., President & CTO, Lab7
In Funding
Rapid user adoption of the product enabled additional funding.
User Adoption
Users have embraced the software and find it highly valuable
user efficiency
With coding no longer necessary users can run more experiments