Ryan Mitchell
Product Technical Lead

With a background in development, technical consulting, technical pre-sales, and technical product management, Mitch works directly with stakeholders within an organization to identify the most valuable use cases to implement as part of a project. He leverages progressive technology and approaches that allow him to iterate rapidly and help companies answer critical questions around product decisions before an organization makes a significant investment.

Working directly with the VP of Product at Expero, Mitch designs, develops and delivers working products for our clients, usually focused on the early exploration of product ideas and approaches. He spans the spectrum of roles as the technical lead during the engagement with direct involvement in product approach / idea generation, requirements definition, full-stack development, infrastructure, and delivery.

With a focus on rapid iteration and a continual feedback loop, the discovery effort tends to focus on using some of the newest technology to explore product concepts before investing considerable resources to design and test foundational use cases. This approach means that development work usually starts very early in the process, which ultimately allows our clients to feel free to explore ideas and prioritize the most salient concepts early.

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