Dave Bechberger
Sr. Architect

Dave graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Embedded System Design. His career has focused on the full stack software development of complex data problems. Dave has expertise in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from design through development to deployment and operations.

For almost two decades Dave has been working with a variety of companies to solve complex data problems in complex environments. During this time Dave has gained a vast range of experience across many technologies and is able to bring a unique perspective to problems. He is passionate about working with clients to understand the root of the problem and to work with them to develop a strategic plan to achieve their goals.

Dave started his career in Bozeman, MT, where he worked for a variety of companies developing software and leading teams on projects including hardware/software design and development for embedded systems, development and deployment of pharmaceutical manufacturing software, productization of government research in applied Psychology, as well as management of development and operations for a SaaS based software company. Dave’s most recent work has focused on migrating and upgrading legacy systems while also working on productization of R&D into new systems for use in oil and gas exploration.

When not at his day job, you will likely find Dave travelling with his wife, road or mountain biking around Houston or Utah, skiing whenever possible, or working in his garage building something.